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Track flights

  • Search for flights by flight number, route, or aircraft registration.
  • Get live track and status updates.
  • See delays, terminal and gate information, and baggage reclaim.
  • Gives you the necessary information to plan onward travel.

Browse flights

  • See flights near you or anywhere in the world.
  • Get aircraft information including tail number and photo.
  • Aircraft type, age and serial number.
  • Real time aircraft location, ground speed, altitude and heading.

Arrivals and departures

  • See arrival and departure flights.
  • View aircraft en route between airports.
  • Filter by airline or choose to see all aircraft.

Upgrade to Professional or Premium

  • Unlock all features and information.
  • See recent flights extending up to the previous week.
  • Access the 3d pilots view to see the world as if you are right there in the cockpit.